It’s always a delight to see how Diana works with my fabrics.
Whether in contemporary or traditional schemes, she uses
them in the most stylish way, and always with a clever twist.
Looking at interior design through her eyes is truly
Richard Smith, fabric and wallpaper designer

Diana made our enormous old Brighton house into a home.
We loved it – and so did an army of buyers when we came to
sell it last year!
Louise Schweitzer

What a rare and amazing sense of colour Diana has, as well
as an unfailing gift for suggesting the perfect solution for
everything…from curtains to coat hooks and sofas to sinks.
I found her imaginative, yet totally practical approach to
decorating to be completely invaluable.
Juliet Nicolson, writer

Working with Diana is a real pleasure, not least because
of her infectious optimism and drive. One of her key
strengths is her ability to keep us focused on the overall
design concept throughout the project. With her extensive
network, she always knows ‘a man/woman who does’ and
she sourced everything for us, from fabrics to furniture,
cutlery to candlesticks. With her unerring eye for detail,
new pieces were skilfully integrated with family favourites
What a result!

Pauline and Alan Davies, Etchingham


Diana was a tremendous help with our new shop premises.
She showed us wonderful possibilities and helped make
them real by working very practically with the contractor.
She even helped ensure the whole thing came in on budget
– or as nearly as could be hoped for! Diana has a great eye
for colour and we are really delighted with the way the barn
looks – with her help it became a wonderful place to work.
Much Ado Books, Independent Bookshop of the Year 2007

When I open my door and come home, I can’t help but
smile. It is so welcoming…so beautiful. And that is thanks
to Diana. In the next few months, I will be moving house
and of course, I have already asked Diana to work with
me on this new project.
Verena Marki, Zurich, Switzerland

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